Friday, June 12, 2009

here's my where do i stand?

it's always the same, isn't it.
it's always the woman, on the edge of a nervous breakdown,
wondering why things haven't gone a certain way.
why he hasn't...
why he won't....
when will he...
how does he...
and then it becomes something more sinister,
something quieter, like the kid at the back of the class
whose words contain a lot of 'ssssss' sounds,
and we interpret those hisses to mean...
why haven't i ssssssssssssssss...
why won't i ssssssssssssss...
when will i ssssssssssssssss...
how do i ssssssssssss...
when in reality, it's not our deal.
and sometimes, although not always,
i feel kinda sorry for them.
the men, i mean.
while we are grappling with
what is love?
where do i stand?
what's going to happen?
i have this sneaking suspicion
that they have no idea.
i think this whole vortex
of feminine doubt and despair
is a land they have never visited,
a phone call they missed somewhere along the way
that was dialed from a private line.
if they hear the kid hissing in the back of the room,
it means:
let's go find sssssssssnakes...
wanna ride my motorsssssssssycle?
you should be having ssssssssssex right now...
and, of course, i could be wrong.
men could worry, could obsess,
could search for hidden meaning in nothingness.
i hope they do.
then at least
we'd all be
on equal ground.

1 comment:

  1. Some men do those things baby. They are gay men. *MUAH*

    You have a way with words.