Saturday, June 13, 2009

okay...time to get biblical.

so lately i have thought a lot about the good book. what the hell it is, why people believe it, what's good in it, what's bad, what's misinterpreted. i look at it in all its glory and wonder, 'how the fuck did this book become so important?' it's a collection of letters, fables, opinions, and ancient parables designed to keep a group of nomadic desert people alive. how does that evolve into something as powerful as it has? i know some really, really smart people, some people whose ethics and morals i consider beyond reproach. yes, they are humans with stumbling blocks, but they do the best they can and have presented me with some unbelievable nuggets of golden wisdom while i have known them. if i were to compile all the knowledge i have gathered from them, have them write some letters to people who don't know them, and make up some stories that illustrate their points, could i make my own bible?
what would my bible be about? i think that my first book would be called 'infancy.' in that book i would write a story about the earth, as our mother, giving birth to beautiful beings called humans. i would tell about how she would cradle us gently, feed us, nurture us, offer us challenges, and let us keep living with her regardless of how bad we fuck up. see? so many lessons to be learned from this story! treating the earth with to to treat your mother...much better than 'don't eat apples' or 'don't trust snakes.'
i'd go on to illustrate how humanity grows up, how we evolve into what we are today, and what our pitfalls are. i think one of our biggest issues today is being so caught up in our own shit that we don't take the time to look at the bigger picture. how sometimes we should have pain to lessen someone else's, or do hard things because it benefits someone else. i think my bible would for sure talk about this a lot. i would also talk in my bible about how being a bad parent is much worse than being gay, and that children aren't property and shouldn't be treated like livestock. i would also make sure to have a lot to say about unkindness and its enemy compassion.
i just am asking that we all think about the bible in very honest terms. nothing pisses me off more than when people refer to the bible as the word of god. the bible is the word of men, and at this point, it's not even the original word of the men who wrote it. the meanings have all been curved to meet the political and social opinons of the people who have edited it from its original text. the word of god is inside, speaking through your heart. whether or not you choose to listen is a different matter. use that word to create your life as a living bible, if the bible is truly the word of god.